Zebra Tales

Zola '23

Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia

Groton activities: Mock Trial, Sustainability Committee, Model UN, JV hockey, Circle Voice

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: Sit-downs. I did not understand what the weekly formal dinners were nor what the old dress code (there isn’t one anymore) was! 

Favorite classes: Court & the Constitution with Mr. Lyons since the class encourages debate and highlights current issues. At the end of the term, we did a mock court where some of my classmates were lawyers and others (myself included) were justices on the Supreme Court!

Most memorable Groton moment: Exploring downtown Boston on my first Surprise Holiday with my new friends. Not one of us knew the area, but we found our way to a comic shop, cannoli place, and Ghirardelli chocolate outlet, so it was a great day.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Fresh baked breads of all sorts during the winter and the Sunday morning waffle and soft-serve ice cream combo.

Favorite place to study: My hammock along the boathouse road

List of 5 news stories.

  • My friend Mei & the Life of Pi program

    Life of Pi

    This past Sunday, I loaded onto a school bus with 20 other students and faculty to drive into Cambridge. We were headed to the American Repertory Theater to see the play Life of Pi. All we had to do was be vaccinated and sign up to go.
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  • Laying out my table for the first time

    Woodshop: Work Hard & Be Nice

    At the beginning of this year I made a spectacular decision: to enroll in Woodshop.
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  • Spierer's dorm singing their proposal to us from behind their mid-air keyboard.

    Hymns Are Back!

    On Tuesday, we had our first full day of classes, which also meant our first day of weekday chapel. For the first time since COVID hit, we were allowed to sing hymns! So, instead of the typical Sixth Form talk, we celebrated the return of hymns by singing many Groton favorites. For almost all Groton students, this practice was entirely new.
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  • A Night in New York

    At the end of my NSLI-Y (National Security Language Initiative for Youth) program, I was slated to fly west to visit my grandparents, but our plans changed dramatically when some of my family caught COVID. Just like that, I found myself stuck in New York. With no lodging, no cell service, and only a hazy plan that my parents relayed to me over FaceTime, I sat down on the floor of Terminal 7 and prayed that the airport Wi-Fi would work.
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  • First Days in Morocco

    Last night, I sat in a living room in Rabat, Morocco and watched an American action film about the FARC in Colombia dubbed in French. I was experiencing my first night with my host family on an Arabic summer NSLI-Y program.
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